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About Me

Where do you find magic in this world? Everywhere! You just have to be willing to see it & accept it for what it is. This is how I have seen the world my whole life. I have been blessed with child-like eyes & the ability to see things that so many others miss, simply because they don't know where to look or how to see it. This includes seeing, the often overlooked, mind-body-spirit connection.

Hello, my name is Gin. I was born, raised & still reside in a smaller community about 60 miles north of Chicago. I love to read, write, cook, bake, spend time in nature, & focus on the little things in life so many often take for granted. I prefer tropical over snow-laden, mostly because I like to be barefoot. I talk to the trees & wildlife in my yard. In fact before I bought my current home I walked the property, in the dead of winter, sat on a fallen tree, & asked if the land wanted my family here... The wind whispered back -Yes.

I can sense & sometimes see spirits & ghosts & I recieve "infused knowledge" regularly. I'm an Empath, highly intuitive, claircognizant, & recieve information from the Akashic Records when needed. I believe in past lives, life charts, spirit guides, & duality in all of life. Much like "the force" from Star Wars, I can sense the "Chi" or an energy in everything. This flow of energy keeps us all connected. I believe the life we live is a series of lessons meant for our soul's development to higher consciousness. There is no such thing as coincidence, everything happens for a reason. I believe Deja-vu is like a street sign letting you know you are on the right path.

Life can be difficult I am sure we can all agree. I have experienced eviction at age 7, molestation from age 3 until age 12, rape at age 13 & 19, total loss house fire at 26, bankruptcy at 30, near death experiences at 31 & 37, my husband passed unexpectedly at 36 leaving me with 4 children under 14, all of them with their own list of concerns & that is just scratching the surface. My mom once told me that I am the only person she knows that could walk out into a beautiful field of flowers and manage to step in the only pile of dog crap in the whole field. Most days I think she is right. But life is not so much about how much dog crap you step in as it is about how you go about scraping it off your feet & moving on. That is what Mad Madame Gin is all about... what it takes to move on, to live life to the fullest no matter what it gives you, to appreciate the little things, to find "Life's Magic".

I should have started this journey years ago, but everything is always in it's own time. I will cover a plethora of topics: Emotional & Physical Well-being, Career & Finance, Relationships & Sex, Home & Family, Spirituality & Intuition, Creative & Intellectual Pursuits, & of course Cooking & Baking... My senior year of high school the yearbook committee wanted the seniors to list what they planned to be when the grew up, I kid you not I listed about 10 different careers from Disney Animatronic Engineer, to an Opera Singer, to a race car driver... I have never been able to pin myself down, so why start now. I welcome you to my page & thank you for taking the time to read about me. 

Please be sure to check out the Kavi Apoha page, it is ancient Sanscrit for "Enlightened Healing. " Along with the information from my blog I also offer an integrated approach to life coaching, personal healing, and growth. Considering each person as whole; body, mind, and spirit, and realizing your connection to the world around you. Or if you prefer the world beyond you. You will be amazed what looking just a little deeper can do for your well-being.

I look forward to getting to know you through my posts. Feel free to reach out to me either by the link below or on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. In time I am sure my kids will have me on YouTube and TikToc as well.

Many blessings to you & yours... 

Remember "Life's Magic."

Mad Madame Gin

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